Wash organic with SWATAB's products.

SWATAB's products are designed so that you can wash textiles without using chemicals. This contributes to better health and a better environment. DIRO® has approved cleaning effect according to the EU Ecolabel test for laundry detergents. DIRO® is also 100% allergy friendly and you can use whatever temperature you want.


DIRO-TM21 is suitable for one to two washing machines but can be uppgraded.

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Why DIRO®?

Detergent can adversely affect the environment as detergents may contain substances that contribute to eutrophication. All chemicals and toxins found in detergents flows through wastewater, and out to our rivers and lakes. Different kinds of perfumes are often added in detergents to make it smell better and hide the smell of other ingredients. The perfume is not particularly important in the detergent and therefore causes an unnecessary environmental impact.

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