Clean laundry without chemicals

Pure water for laundry, the SWATAB's unique filter system installed in your laundry room. Now it is possible to wash without detergent and fabric softener, but still get a clean and soft wash.

Plug DIRO-TM21 between your incoming water and your washing machine and the water transforms into a unique ultra-pure water, that will make the laundry clean completely without detergents and other additives. Your fabrics will be soft and comfortable with a fresh neutral scent without fabric softener.

The system is designed for one to two washing machine, however it can be uppgraded to handle many more washing machines.

24 months warranty

170x80x55 cm

Water tank 400 L

158x78x60 cm

Water meter

Easy to read out the water usage

Possibility of customizations

We build the system according to your wishes

Can be installed in the secondary space

Flexible mounting for various areas

About the product

Product DIRO-TM21
Tank capacity 400 l
Tank size HxWxD 158x78x60 cm
Cabinet size HxWxD 170x80x55 cm
Capacity 2 machines, max 12 kg
Number of washes per 24h period 24

Consumption & Connection

Recovery rate Up to 75%
Energy consumption kWh/100L 0,25 kWh
Electrical connection 220 V, 60 Hz, 1 fas
Fuse, A 10A
Water connection 3/4”
Drain connection 3/4”
Max water pressure in (bar) 4.14 bar (60 psi)
Min water pressure in (bar) 2.76 bar (40 psi)
Max water quality TDS ≤ 2000 ppm
Sound level dBA ≤ 55 dBA
Net weight, kg 174 kg
  • Softening filter (prefilter)

  • chlorine filter (prefilter)

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