X-Flow Medical water filter for legionella

Water free of Bacteria

X-Flow Medical water filter provides an effective and cost-efficient membrane filtration for a clean and safe water free from Legionella, Pseudomonas and other bacteria and fungi.

When used in hospitals and clinical environments, X-Flow medicine filter provide clean water to patients and staff by shower and washing in critical environments. This medical water filters are available as shower filters, faucet filters, and Inline filter, the filter is also known as Filtrix. The Filtrix brand is now replaced by X-Flow.

X-flow medicine filter is an excellent choice to ensure water quality in both high-risk and medium-risk areas such as:

  • Hematology
  • Oncology
  • Burns intensive care and intensive care departments
  • operating rooms
  • Kitchen
  • dressing room
  • Patient rooms
FDA approved
Chemical resistant
Easy and quick installation

and maintenance

WRAS approved

Tested in accordance with ASTM F838-05. Exceeds the provisions of NSF Protocol P231

Removal of POU bacteria

Protects both patients and staff

Best in the market

Taking into account, flow, efficiency, durability and ease of use.

About the product

Feature Hollow fibre medical filter Membrane sheet medical filter
0.2 absolute micron rating X X
>log 7 reduction of bacteria  X  X
>log 4 reduction of fungi  X  X
CE Medical Class I (s) marked  X  X
Tracking and tracing label  X  X
Sterile class version  X  X
Special key prevents unwanted removal and change outs  X
No air locking shower  X
Extensive surface area  X
Less waste, more environmentally friendly  X
High contaminant holding  X
Extended service life of 70 days  X
Ergonomical design  X
Independently tested  X  X
Gamma radiated packaging  X  X

See Data sheet for more information

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