Our solution

SWATAB's innovative filter technology gives customers great benefits. We have filter solutions that help you reduce your chemical usage, reduce your energy and operating costs.



Our children are the most important asset we have! Solid research shows that contact allergy is increasing and the study '' Toxic Preschool '' shows that our children are constantly exposed to large amounts of chemicals. Our solutions reduces children's contact with chemicals.

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Real Estate

A normal laundry room in a property has two washing machines and a dryer. With DIRO-TM21 your tenants can wash chemical-free and you also save up to 40% of energy when using the dryer or drying cabinet due to shorter drying time.

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Now there is an opportunity to offer an genuine ekological laundry that also is completely allergy friendly. With DIRO® you wash chemical-free and odorless, which increases the satisfaction of your customer.

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Your type of business not included?

Our filter systems are scalable and fits into most application's. Please contact us to see how we can help you to reduce chemical consumption.