We can help you reduce the use of chemicals in preschool.

Our children are our most important asset! Research shows that contact allergies steadily increasing.
Today, kids in kindergartens are exposed to chemicals from all possible sources, including the detergent and fabric softener.
Nature Conservation Society, together with the municipalities conducted a study on children's exposure to chemicals in our preschool,(swedish). The result is frightening.
We at SWATAB can help you to completely remove the chemicals from your washing machines.

We have developed DIRO® filter system, where we wash with no chemicals with a cleaning effect which is as good as conventional commercially available detergent. One of the target groups we have focused especially on, is the children at the preschools.

The number of contact allergies is increasing, currently 20% of the population has some kind of contact allergy. Our washing machines are becoming more and more water-efficient and chemicals are getting stronger and stronger in order to remove dirt despite the reduced water consumption. Moreover, many detergent is "designed" to remain on the clothes after washing, so called optical brighteners. They are designed to "paint over" the stain.

In and under the washing machine's detergent compartment and rubber sealants, water and detergent residues, they can form a black mold that can release a gas called Mycotoxin, this gas is both carcinogenic and airborne.
Detergent in powder form can have a chemical called Zeolite. Zeolites acts in the detergent as a water softener, and as a part of the detergent (up to 25%) remains in the fibers, this fall off as a fine dust wich the children crawl around and inhales. The particles are so small (1-5 micro centimeters) that they go down into the lungs.

According to the National Board of asthmatic, childrens allergy in the age group of 4-12 year increased by 50% between 2003 and 2011.

We at SWATAB now have the solution to these problems. We can help you to reduce the amount of chemicals in your nursery. You can strengthen your environmental profile and offer parents a preschool where all the laundry is done chemical-free.
DIRO® has been tested by SVEREA IVF and SP Swedish National Testing.

How does it work?

DIRO® filter system is connected between your incoming water and your existing washing machine. The water is converted into a unique ultra-pure water, which makes laundry clean without detergent and other additives. Children's textiles are clean, soft and comfortable, with a fresh neutral scent without fabric softener.

How can this benefit your operation ?

Reduced use of chemicals can help you to environmentally certify operations and is also a major step in working towards a toxic-free preschool.
All textiles can be washed with this system, even cleaning tools as mops and cloths are clean and fresh.

What does it take to get started?

If you already have a washer you probably do not need more than a DIRO® filter system that is connected between the incoming water and the washing machine.

We are happy to visit you and tell you how we can help your preschool to get closer to a chemical-free living.

We will also provide you a qoutation suitable for your application.

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