Why is DIRO needed?

Washing chemicals affect the environment, health, energy and the economy in a negative way. With DIRO® you can wash without chemicals.


Our environment is heavily burdened by all the chemicals used in modern society. We have created a ticking bomb by the way we live today.

90% of all chemicals washed into our sewage from households consist of washing-up liquid, detergent and fabric softener. Our water treatment plants have difficulty taking care of all this. Above all, the difficulty to clean away zeolites present in some of the detergent. If these chemicals disappear the treatment plants can focus on purifying other poisons and medicines instead. This would give us a cleaner drinking water and cleaner rivers, lakes and seas.

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The skin is the largest organ that takes up anything that is water soluble e.g. detergent. about 25% of the detergent you use to wash remains in the fabric. In many detergents there is also chemicals that are designed to stay on the textiles, for example, make them whiter and hiding stains..

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Efficient and environmentally friendly

Proven cleaning effect according to EU-Ecolabel tests for detergent, the DIRO® system effectively solves dirt, lime scale, algae, and mold.


Tests shows that by washing with DIRO® the fabric dries faster because there is no lime or chemical residues left in the clothes. Heating elements in a washing machine do not lime and thus is much more effective over a longer period of time, this may give the laundry room an energy saving of up to 40%. DIRO® is a must in a low energy home.


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The laundry room is one of the major costs of a real estate, you benefit from great advantages by installing DIRO®. DIRO® can be connected to both old and new machines, this means that the need for investment is low because it does not require any alteration or reprogramming of the machines.


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