Save money and at the same time save the enviroment.

One of the major expenses of a rental property is the laundry room, but by installing DIRO®, you can reduce these costs and gain great benefits. DIRO® provides the following advantages for your property:

  • Reduces service costs
  • Increases lifetime of the machines
  • Requires no reprogramming or conversion of the machines
  • Applies to both new and old machinery
  • Shortens drying time
  • Lowers washing temperature
  • Lowers cost per wash compared to dosing system
  • Saves energy

Since there are no minerals or detergents that bind water molecules to the textiles, the cost of a laundry room will drop. Our measurements show a total of up to 40% in energy savings. The biggest gain is, of course, the shorter drying time. Also, the laundry will be clean even at 30 degrees, which makes it even better. The machines will stay clean and in good condition, and there will not be any lime or sludge coatings in the machines that make it more expensive to heat the water.

DIRO® can be connected to both old and new machines. This keeps the initial investment low since it does not require any alteration or reprogramming of the machines.