By using DIRO® for your laundry machine, you will certainly reduce the environmental impact. It is difficult to say exactly how much, but in the EU 4,000,000 tons of detergent is used annually.

Our environment is heavily burdened by all the chemicals used in modern society. We have created a ticking bomb by the way we live today.

Ninety percent of all chemicals washed into our sewage from households consists of dishwashing liquid, detergent and fabric softener. Our water treatment plants have difficulty taking care of all this. Above all, the greatest difficulty is to remove zeolites present in the detergent. If these chemicals disappear, the treatment plants can focus on purifying other poisons and medicines instead. This would give us cleaner drinking water and cleaner rivers, lakes, and seas.

Our seas, lakes, and rivers are severely affected by chemical emissions from households. In Sweden alone, there are 700,000 private sewers that are not approved and that spill waste into our rivers, lakes, and groundwater.
Do not forget the mountains of waste generated by all the materials used to package all these different chemicals.

The chemical manufacturers attempt to lower the environmental effect with their so-called automatic dosing systems, a step in the right direction, but we at SWATAB have taken the plunge with our chemical-free system DIRO®, and almost completely abolished the need for detergent.

DIRO® can help to make the environment better for both ours and future generations. We can rapidly improve the environment in kindergartens, nursing homes, and hospitals, just by using DIRO® that is completely chemical free.