DIRO® is completely chemical and fragrance free and therefore completely safe to use for people with allergies and it reduces the risk of developing new allergies

In today's society we are exposed to chemicals of many kinds. From the paint on the walls to the plastic mats on the floor, from the food industry with all their additions to the pen of plastic that you write with, from washing-up liquid remaining on the fork to the detergent that remains in the sheets you sleep on.

Perhaps the chemicals / poisons aren’t dangerous in small quantities separately, but if you consider that a person living a normal healthy lifestyle still is exposed to about 30,000 different chemicals per year we can all understand that this can’t be good.

Many detergents may also contain chemicals that are designed to stay on the fabrics to e.g. make them whiter or hiding stains.

The skin is the largest organ that takes up anything that is water soluble e.g. detergent. about 25% of the detergent you use to wash remains in the fabric.

Sweden and Germany have banned phosphates in detergents, now the manufacturers use something called zeolites to make the water softer and to help dissolve the chemicals. In the beginning there where white spots on the laundry by zeolites, manufacturers solution then was to make these particles smaller to not be seen even though they remain in the fabric. Now, the particles are so small that they fall off as dust and get into the lungs, particularly when small children are crawling on the floor.

Many also suffer from fragrance allergy, most laundry and fabric softener has a strong fragrance so that the laundry should smell and feel ''clean'' and camouflage residual odors.

When washing with DIRO® the dry wash smells clean and fresh, as if it hung outside on a summers day. Now you can choose how You want to smell as the scent of detergent and fabric softener no longer compete and mixes with the scent of your perfume.

20% of the Swedish population suffers from some form of contact allergy, and this figure is rising every year. Also asthma and fragrance allergies is increasing.

Think of the sheets against your skin while you sleep. Think of your children who have clothes with detergent residues directly against the skin. Think of all the dust from the detergents that we breathe and that goes straight down into the lungs.

All this, you avoid when using DIRO®.

Climate friendly cleaning without chemicals.