Care homes

Cleaning the facilities and laundry previously had to be performed with chemicals which can have a negative impact on both staff and residents.

When you install the DIRO filter system you can reduce your daily contact with cleaning and laundry detergents which will improve your working conditions.

Your residents will have cleaner and safer living conditions and clean clothes without chemicals.

Older people have thinner skin and are more sensitive to chemicals.

We can help you reduce the use of chemicals

With DIRO installed in your laundry room you can significantly reduce the amount of chemicals used and offer your staff and residents a chemical free alternative to washing laundry and cleaning.

SWATAB can together with PODAB and MIELE offer optimized washing programs that have been axtensively tested in real everyday situations.

With the programs DIRO Hygiene och DIRO Hygiene+ you can safely wash even the most soiled textiles.

Even washing staff uniforms, cleaning rags and mops can be done naturally and effectively with DIRO.